MBYLL & EMLOA Scholarship

Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League, the largest town-based youth lacrosse league in the United States, grants an annual scholarship to both a graduating youth player and an active Associate Official. The McCrae Williams Leadership Award & MBYLL Scholarship, in memory and honor of McCrae Williams who was a former MBYLL player and Associate Official from Weston Youth Lacrosse. is a $500 scholarship given to student athletes who embody the mission and philosophy of the league: “To Teach, to Grow, to Honor the Game of Lacrosse.” The award is given based on town coach recommendation, personal essay, and academic excellence.

Littlenecks Lacrosse – McCrae Williams Scholarship

Three years of tuition to a player that represents the characteristics of McCrae on and off the field.

Fighting Clams Lacrosse – McCrae Williams Fighting Clams Scholarship

The Fighting Clams will allocate a sum of money annually to their financial aid fund in McCrae’s memory.  The recipient will be told about who McCrae was on and off the field.

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