Foundation Mission

The Foundation’s mission is to positively and impactfully carry forward McCrae’s legacy in two primary areas: 

Advocating for Change: The Foundation advocates for raising awareness of Medical Amnesty and improving how the policy is implemented on college campuses with three clear objectives:

  • Training and Implementation: We believe every school should do far more to publicize and educate all students so that they know that they can call for help for a friend in medical need and not get into trouble for doing so.
  • Advocating for Student-Athletes: Student-athletes should have the same rights as non-athletes so that they too can call for help without the athletic department or coach overriding the policy with some form of team-implemented punishment.
  • Influencing the NCAA: We would like to effectively influence the NCAA to make a standard medical amnesty policy recommendation which would remove inconsistencies from school to school and allow for broad adoption and real life-saving behavioral change on campus.

Building Awareness with Research: In early 2019, we partnered with the Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness (IPAHW) at University of NC Greensboro (UNCG).  IPAHW is closely affiliated with many national health organizations as well as the NCAA, their Chief Medical Officer and the NCAA’s Sport Science Institute called APPLE. They have been instrumental in conducting research on many topics for the NCAA. With grants from the Foundation, we are able to work closely with this team, further our research and develop opportunities to present our findings.

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By working towards these goals, we hope to create improved bystander and community behavior on college campuses where all students not only have each other’s backs, but actually see it as their social obligation to help one another as members of a shared campus experience. 


Foundation Board

Chris & Dianne Williams
Sean & Deb Ford 
Jon & Jennifer Paul 
Matt Rowley
Bob & Tona White

501c3 registered. Tax ID 82-2876024.