Great turnout at the annual 2019 MJW 3v3 Event!

Thanks to all who came to the MJW 3v3 Memorial Lacrosse Tournament held at Noble & Greenough School the day after Thanksgiving! A great way to celebrate McCrae, his life, friendships and love of the game! Your participation and donations continue to help us reach the Foundation’s goals! We raised over $6000 and deeply appreciate your continued support

Great turnout for the 2018 3v3 for #3 Lacrosse Tournament

Thanks to all those who came out for the 3v3 for #3 Lacrosse Event!
It was a great day to celebrate McCrae‘s love of lacrosse and the meaning of friendship. We had a great turnout and it was really nice to see so many from Weston, Noble and Greenough School and Top Gun Fighting Clams reconnect!
A shout out goes to all those who helped make the day come together so easily!
We are also thankful that we raised just over $4,000 for the McCrae James Williams Foundation!

2018 Annual MJW 3v3 for #3 Lacrosse Tournament

Come to the MJW 3v3 for #3 Lacrosse Tournament to be held Nov 23 (day after Thanksgiving) at Noble and Greenough School in Dedham. Event starts at 11am!

Celebrate McCrae’s love of life, his love of lacrosse and the gift of friendship. It’s a wonderful time of year to give thanks for friendship both on and off the field.

Fun for all. All abilities welcome. Small game play on the field. All proceeds go to the Foundation. Tickets available on the link below.


Presentation of the 2017 MBYLL McCrae Williams Memorial Leadership Award

We recently attended the presentation of Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League – MBYLL‘s McCrae Williams Memorial Leadership Award to recipients Trevor Carroll (Player Scholarship) and Michael McLaughlin (Associate Official Scholarship) for their Leadership, Character, Sportsmanship and Contribution to MBYLL. Congrats Trevor and Michael!
We are deeply touched that MBYLL recognized McCrae’s long standing contribution to MBYLL as a player, as a Senior Associate Official in the Eastern Mass Lacrosse Official Association, and as a co-founder of a lacrosse non-profit called Stick to Your Goals. Thank you very much for honoring McCrae!

Chat with Champions with Paul Rabil and Coach Bill Belichick & Recipients of MBYLL’s McCrae Williams Scholarship Winners

We were invited to Championship Chat 2018 with Paul Rabil and Coach Belichick of the New England Patriots and The Bill Belichick Foundation which also recognized the 2 winners of MBYLL’s McCrae Williams Scholarship Awards, Michael McLaughlin and Trevor Carroll. Congratulations to these nice young men!

Thank you MBYLL, the Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League, for being a sponsor at this event and for your support of McCrae and the McCrae James Williams Foundation!

Weston High School Varsity Lacrosse Hosts Fundraiser Under the Lights!

On Wednesday May 23, 2018, Weston High School Varsity Lacrosse played against Belmont under the lights to honor McCrae and raise money for the McCrae James Williams Foundation. The Weston community raised over $5,000 between the Raffle, Tshirt sales and the Snack Shack proceeds.

Many thanks go out to the Weston community, Coach Jim Wilcon, AD Mike McGrath, Weston Boosters, Weston High School, Weston Youth Lacrosse,  parents of WHS Varsity Lacrosse and others who made the evening a wonderful tribute and helped McCrae’s Foundation!

Run for McCrae – Friends run the Boston Marathon 2018 in his Memory

Congratulations to Brooke Raffone and Emre Toner for finishing the 2018 Boston Marathon in memory of McCrae! What an incredible expression of the power of love and friendship for him! You showed such dedication, focus and tremendous character. You rose to the challenge and did it!

Lily Macnamara had planned on running as well but unfortunately got a concussion the night before the Marathon and couldn’t run. We missed her on the route but she was with us in spirit as we cheered the other two on. Get better Lily!

Collectively these 3 incredible friends raised nearly $30,000 for the McCrae James Williams Foundation!!! McCrae is so proud of you!!! What a tribute to him!

Thanks to all the friends who joined us in such tough weather to cheer the runners on. Thanks also to the Gordons for a beautiful post Marathon celebration of the runners’ efforts and of McCrae’s love of life .

#MW3 #poweroffriendship #haveyourback

McCrae Williams Memorial Game – Unbelievable Tribute!

A big thank you to the Noble and Greenough School and St. Sebastian’s School as well as Sam Montgomery and Jett Dziama for Friday night’s McCrae Williams Memorial Game held at Harvard Stadium! Over 1200 people attended and the Foundation raised over $8000. We continue to be deeply touched by the outpouring of love and support for McCrae and our family as well as the efforts to carry forward his legacy in a meaningful way. It was a true demonstration of kindness, sportsmanship, rivalry, support, generosity, friendship, and fellowship. And in spite of horrible weather reports, there even was a ray of sunshine when Julia Herzfelder sang the national anthem! #MW3 #haveyourback

Boston Globe Article

Video Recap with Speeches and Nat’l Anthem sung by Julia

Three Months Without McCrae by Ramesh Nagarajah

Three months now since the passing of McCrae. Three months and so many of the same feelings remain. Bewilderment. Shock. Heartache. At the same time, new feelings have emerged. My sadness has transitioned to grief. “Deep sorrow, especially that caused by someone’s death.” Or a better one I found, “Grief is the conflicting feelings caused by the end of or change in a familiar pattern of behavior.” I was appreciative of the open-casket wake, and funeral that followed, because it gave exactly what it was supposed to: clarity. I saw what looked almost like my friend in that casket. Just missing his smile, color, and charisma. I touched his cold corpse, and felt the absence of his life. While this was painful, it was necessary. It made it clear to me that McCrae was gone. There was no denial, and there was nothing I could tell myself to change that reality. It was evident. It was tangible. What I mistook however, was thinking it gave me closure. Why does our sadness after a loss turn to grief? Why do those undeniable feelings become “conflicting feelings”? My initial answer is the tendency to compartmentalize. Being at school, I am often able to put my entire focus into the happenings my day. I can go hours, and often days without truly feeling the pain of McCrae’s loss. The way his loss affects me when I am at school does not compare to the grip it has on my mind when I am home. But they do arise regardless of where I am, even if their frequency is decreased. I am made to believe that while my pain does not and will never compare to the pain of his family, both in magnitude and sort, the feelings I am experiencing must be common. My most plaguing conflict is the constant back and forth between disbelief and awakening. At times I am in that same place as before the funeral. McCrae is not dead. I just haven’t spoken to him in a while. Even while I know that isn’t true, the thought persists. Then the reawakening to reality, which usually takes a buildup to reach or some triggering moment. I’ve repressed this pain so much that in order to feel it, I usually have to pull it out. I have to go sit in Elizabeth, Mac’s car, and think about him until it hits me. What’s even more tormenting is the fear that the circumstances of McCrae’s death have brought to us all. I am scared every time I see a person, let alone a friend, that falls while we are out, or people say just drank too much at a party. My reaction to this fear is often as irrational as the fear itself. I am thankful that it has made my friends and I more attentive and responsive to what could potentially go wrong, but it is that fear that most effectively brings that pain back to the surface. I have wiped away more tears from faces of my friends and myself that we ever should have at this age. And perhaps the most confusing aspect of my grief now is how initially McCrae’s death motivated me to be my best unconditionally. To push harder in that workout. To wake up earlier, to put myself out there more, to simply do more. And while many of those inclinations still hold true, as time passed they grew more inconsistent. I had no less desire to make McCrae proud. But there were some days when I just didn’t want to do anything. This is a conflict of grief that I have only begun to reconcile by recognizing it. And it is through continual acknowledgement of the loss that I have found some growth in all areas of my life it has affected, and what I believe to be the best form of acceptance and moving forward. It is true that “pain demands to be felt”. I have admired Dianne, Chris, and Chase because they have not denied themselves the pain that they feel. Dianne unapologetically showed her sadness to me as I prepared to take Elizabeth off her hands and through it, exhibited her love both for me and her son. Chase remains unafraid to confront his torment and visit his grave, even with me present. Chris’ grief much like theirs is one I cannot fathom, yet I see his willingness to invest into projects and to still do, though his heartbreak is visible in his eyes. I have no answer to the question how are they doing, for my perspective is my own and only from glimpses. But I can say that their willingness to be vulnerable and let others both be there for them and search for comfort with them has been a testament to their strength and love for McCrae, everyone he loved, and his memory. The tournament, gear, past and upcoming events that are being held are all proof to the person McCrae was to us all. It is no one’s place to tell any of us how to mourn, or how to remember him. But if you want some help, here are some things I suggest.

  1. Go in your car, and just BUMP to whatever gets you going. If it happens to be A$AP, T-Pain, Mario, or The Weeknd, then great.
  2. Go to the gym and prove everyone wrong. Squat higher, run faster, lift more, go longer.
  3. Invest your complete self into whatever it is you love for an hour. Turn off your phone and just do it.
  4. Be creative…write, draw, make something on the computer, or paint.
  5. Call someone up that you miss and meet up if you can. Otherwise, sit there and catch up.
  6. Tell that girl you have a crush on straight up.
  7. Shop at supporting the McCrae James Williams Foundation.
  8. Sign up for the CrossFit event this Saturday.
  9. Be you.