Foundation Mission

    • Advocate the importance of Medical Amnesty policies (aka Good Samaritan policies) at college institutions as well as ensure that student-athletes receive the same protection as non-athletes.  Our initial research unfortunately shows otherwise. The ultimate goal is to improve medical amnesty training for all students and impress upon both college administrations and their athletic departments that policies must apprise student-athletes the same protection as non-athletes. If all students are clear about their rights and are confident that they can reach out for help without risk, then perhaps we can save some lives.
    • Bring national attention to the dangerous practice of “JanSporting” (also known as Backpacking, DrunkPacking or Turtling).  Jansporting is a relatively new phenomenon on campuses and going on at a shocking level.
    • Provide scholarships to college-recruited athletes in financial need who also bear McCrae’s same love of the game, passion, dedication, love of friends and community both on and off the field. 

Foundation Research

In early 2019, the Foundation funded research with a team at UNC Greensboro called  Institute to Promote Athlete Health & Wellness. This team is closely affiliated with many national health organizations as well as the NCAA, their Chief Medical Officer and the NCAA’s Sport Science Institute called APPLE.

We are working closely with this team to further our research and develop opportunities to present our findings. In so doing, we are hopeful that we can increase awareness for better amnesty education as well as encourage athletic departments/coaches to honor Medical Amnesty. We also hope that the NCAA will consider making a policy recommendation on this as well which will greatly improve student-athlete health and wellness. 

Check out our Foundation Updates for the latest Foundation news and research!

Foundation Board

Chris & Dianne Williams
Sean & Deb Ford 
Jon & Jennifer Paul 
Matt Rowley
Bob & Tona White


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